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    You know, I used to think it was the easy thing to do to be upset with Handspring. After all, they've made what (when you can get it) looks like a great product that is easy to use and works (when you can get support).

    Here's the thing though - I waited my time for a Visor. I even waited longer for a Serial Cradle. When that serial cradle which I need to sync (on NT, Mac, Linux and FreeBSD) ceases working after less than a month, I expect to be able to replace it. The problem is, to get someone at handspring support it would seem you either need to call technical support or email the support address that is included in the phone book app with your visor.

    Almost three weeks ago I called the support number. After an hour on hold for a long distance call, I gave up and emailed support. I have sent email regularly and have yet to even receive a confirmation reply. Sadly, I work for a company in support that has more customers than handspring and likely less employees. Our response time for calls is under 15 minutes, and our response time for email to our help address is 24 hours.

    Here's the kicker though. Today I got the phone bill for the calls that never got answered. I now owe the phone company 20 dollars and still have yet to hear word from anyone at handspring about getting the cradle I paid 20 dollars for replaced. I would have only paid about 10 bucks more for a new one, and only waited one week longer if I had just given up on support altogether.

    Does this strike any of you as incredibly shoddy customer service? It does me.

    And, by the way, I have troubleshot the cradle with several visors (with hard resets even), on several platforms (listed above) on multiple computers ith clean installs of palm desktop. I doubt that handspring support would have even put the cradle through as much troubleshooting..
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    I feel your pain. My BVD should be here tomorrow with a serial cradle <cringe>. I only pray that I have absolutely NO reason to have to call them with any problems. The product (from what I read) seems solid overall, but Handspring certainly has issues with product support and general customer service. If they only had that portion of their business in gear, they could be truly a dynamic and very prosperous company. Hope you have better luck moving forward!

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