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    I purchased a Visor last November and it arrived in less than four weeks. My wife was so impressed with it that I've decided to buy a visor deluxe for me and give her the visor. I ordered # 2 on Jan 8. The clock has started.....
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    I'm right there with you. I ordered a GVD for my wife on 11/5 (got it 12/22, after some rather frenzied e-mails and CRS calls), and was hoping to get one for myself from my family for the holidays. When that didn't happen, I just went ahead and ordered a BVD for myself on 12/27. Got it yesterday (1/10).

    Now my wife and I can beam each other little love notes from across our apartment!
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    For what it's worth, one of my co-workers ordered a Graphite VDx with a serial cradle and a backup module at 11:34am EST on 2000-01-05.

    All items were received this morning (2000-10-11) before 10am.

    -- Michael
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    Same here. Recvd my Visor Deluxe on 12/17 and have so enjoyed it, ordered 2 additional ones on 1/8..using the online webpage...a GVD for the wife and a BVD for my high schooler. Am anxious to get us all "sync'ed" together using a free service at

    I'll bet these visors come in less than 2 weeks....
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    At the risk of sounding slightly disturbed,
    I just ordered my second Visor Deluxe... for myself. I found the first so useful that I
    can't be without it. This time I also bought the backup module.

    I have no clue what the complainers are talking about. I got my first unit in two weeks. I had a slight problem syncing the device to my PC once, got right through to Handspring tech support, and was helped by a competent technician.


    PS. No, I don't work for Handspring.
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    Don't feel bad.. I'm getting more and more tempted to pick up a regular visor (solo) for myself so I can take that wherever I need to and not worry about losing my VDX. $150 isn't that bad.. I wouldn't go out and get another vdx or anything for 250.. but 150 is ok.. right? Someone try to talk me out of it
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    Visor #2 Arrived, on 1/19. Not bad considering I selected UPS Ground. I would've gotten it last week had I gone with FedEx, but hey, I already had a visor. Now my wife gets my visor and I get the Deluxe.

    Hopefully I can figure out how to set the proper sync settings now that we're a two visor family.

    Handspring has treated me well. I fell sorry for the folks that ordered Sep. thru Oct.

    "What?" - William Shakespeare.

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