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    Ok, I admit it I dropped my visor.
    <Screams and gnashing of teeth>

    I know that HS are doing a service/repair facility for broken visors in the US. The problem with that is that I'm in the UK, All I want is for HS to arrange to ship me a replacement screen and I'll send them the old (broken) one back.

    It appears that this is not an option, here's the email I sent to Donna and the (in my opinion harshly worded, although considering my situation I might be oversensitive)

    Considering that I've been enthusing about the Visor to everyone I know, even to the point of two of my colleagues ordering (and receiving) Visors on my recommendation. I'm disappointed that I'm now feeling like a lot of other people on Visorcentral ie: becoming more unhappy and disillusioned of Handspring's ability to service the customer.

    And as for the forthcoming release of the Visor in Europe I'm treating the April date with extreme scepticism.

    Although I appreciate that this was one of the risks I ran when I became a early adopter, I did expect a little more in the way of constructive suggestions.

    well, that's the rant over.

    Thanks for your time,

    (Simon Ward)

    -------------- Donna's reply -------------

    We have not yet entered the market in the UK so do not have any ability to
    support you at this time. We do expect to be there in April, so you may
    just want to wait and have it fixed then. Alternatively, you need to send
    it through whoever in the US helped you purchase it. Sorry about that.
    This is the reason we don't sell products in a geography where we can't
    support them yet.


    -----Original Message-----
    From: Simon Ward
    Subject: Screen replacement in the UK ?

    I've been the extremely happy owner of a Visor Deluxe since late October
    last year,

    Unfortunately I had a disastrous mishap on Sunday which resulted in my Visor
    falling 2 feet onto a tiled floor. The top layer of glass on the screen
    smashed and left the visor unusable

    I am aware that you operate a screen replacement scheme in the US, but I'm
    now in the United Kingdom and I don't have a US contact or shipping address easily available now.
    Is there any way I can get the screen replaced on what has rapidly become a
    very valuable tool.

    I have no problem with fitting a new screen onto my visor myself if one can
    be shipped to me as I am a computer hardware engineer by profession and I am
    willing to waive my rights to any kind of warranty if that course of action
    becomes necessary.

    As I'm sure you can understand I am reluctant to call your support centre as
    the charges for a transatlantic call would add up very quickly.

    I am also mildly reluctant to send my visor back to the US because due to my
    lack of US shipping address.

    Please let me know any costs involved in getting a repair and any
    suggestions you may have about a course of action to get my visor repaired

    Thank you, for making such a useful product.

    Simon Ward

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    I'd be happy to be a go-between for you so that this can be handled with a U.S. address. Just let me know if you're interested and we'll work out the details.

    As for Donna's response, I'd agree that it could have been tempered a little, but I don't think she was trying to be rude. I think it came across kind of like telling a newly diagnosed cancer patient that they're sure to die without putting some empathy in there.


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