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    I know others have waited longer and some are still waiting, but it has now pushed me to the point of delurking. What in the hell is Handspring doing? I ordered my BVD on 12/25/99 and discovered two weeks later that my experation date on my credit card had expired 12/99. My mistake, naturally, so I call Handspring to fix the problem. My second mistake, as I waited for 50 minutes to contact a live person. This person assured me they recorded the new credit card info I gave them and they also "escalated" my order status so it would ship immediately. Right. After waiting another week (now into my third week), I decided to call them back to check on the order. My third mistake, as I have now been on hold for approx. 90 minutes. I'm afraid to hang up and start over. I'm also very afraid after reading this board that even though I talk to someone, it won't matter. I was very excited about Handspring, and I'm sure the product is great, but damn, this is getting ridiculous. I know I'm only into my third week, but I obviously have net access, and am amazed at how quick people are getting their Visors. Handspring still doesn't have its act together, and if enyone can suggest something, please let me know. I don't want to cancel my order, I'd just like to know the status. Is that so wrong or impossible to find out? So far, I wouldn't recommend anyone purchase a Visor, as noone has this much time to commit to a phone call. I'm a computer consultant, and almost began recommending the Visor (due to memory and USB, etc.) to my clients. Glad I ordered one first to discover what's really happening. Sorry to sound so bitter, but no company should function like this.

    Dean Olmstead

    PS: As I wrote this I just added another 10 minutes on hold. I am angry.
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    You are absolutely correct !
    It's even worse here: I phoned (approx. 40 minutes on hold in an overseas call) to order it, telling them the address of a friend of mine in the U.S. and trying to give them my normal VISA Credit Card number.

    Now guess what they told me ?

    No sir, at this time we only are able to verify credit cards with an AMERICAN billing address.

    In the web age, with international exchange, this is so ridiculous I can't believe !

    I know at least 10 colleagues of mine who want - like myself - upgrade from an older Palm Pilot to the Visor, but no, they can't even place an order through a US - based shipping address !!

    And every courier like FedEx can deliver anywhere anytime in the world with 1 extra day - hell, I am prepared to pay the transport and customs !

    That's exactly what you learn in marketing - that a good product doesn't make you rich - you need a brain to plan sales, too !


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    The same thing happened to me. I placed an order and then more shipping delays were going to result in my card expiring and no Visor shipped before it did.

    I emailed Dubinsky and was going to make sure someone in Customer Relations (not Customer Service) would take care of my order.

    I would recommend waiting until 4 weeks were up and then contacting Dubinsky to get someone to handle your order.
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    I have emailed to donna dubinsky. She was very apologetic - they obviously really didn't foresee demand - so it might be said that Handspring indeed made planning mistakes.

    But - she couldn't help either.

    I'll have to order it through a friend in the U.S.

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