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    I ordered a visor deluxe & serial cradle mid oct of 99. It is Jan 2000 and I still have not received the serial cradle yet. When I ordered the unit I was not told that the serial cradle was backordered. If I was given this information I would not have placed the order. Repeated calls to find out about when I will be receiving the serial cradle have not provided any useful information. They are about the worst company in the world to deal with.

    My advice is that you should spend the money and buy a Palm/TRC organizer.

    On another note my backup module failed (was blank) when I needed it most. It does not work properly. Don't rely on it and if you don't already have one don't buy it.

    Chris Pinto
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    I have an extra serial cradle if you want it...and I'm up in Maine so it won't take too long to get to Worcester.

    Let me know if you want it.

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    Just reorder it. They are back on track now and everything is going fine [i think]

    They had a lot of problems back then...but now they are getting their act together.

    Greg Moore
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    I ordered and received everything as promised. I am happy with my purchase and don't have any regrets. Sorry for your problems but I don't feel like a sucker.

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    Ordered two ICE VD's on 1/3/2000 and received em both on 1/10/2000 - no problems here. Maybe ordering online is the way to go...I've read all the horror stories, but I really believe this company is getting its learning curve issues resolved and delivering a great product at a great price....hang in there!
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    If this is what being suckered is like, I guess it's not so bad. My order came in exactly 1 week. I love my visor, I love my 8Meg, I love my serail cradle, I love the leather case that came with my visor. Don't care much for the plastic cover thingy, but I don't use it anyway since I use the INCLUDED leather case. I love hotsyncing (1 button press is all it takes). I love avantGo (waycool!) And best of all I love the $250 bill...well, at least I like it a whole lot better than a $450 bill I'de have, had I bought a palm.


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