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    Have people been getting the 5-pack of HS Styli steadily? When I sent mail back and forth last week with Barbara, she told me that they were backordered and would "hopefully ship soon". I got my Visor, wasn't charged for the 5-pack (or any shipping for that matter). I've had to go almost a week with the stock stylus and while I haven't scratched yet, I feel like I'm living on borrowed time...

    I also put the PDA Panache on order, but it's backordered. I hate to go out and spend another $20 on a Pilot or something, then have 6 pre-ordered styli show up...

    Just wondering if people are still getting 5-packs if another e-mail is in order...

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    I haven't yet received my Visor, but when I checked my credit card company, Handspring has charged me only for the VDx and not charged me for the Stylus. I guess it on backorder. Guess you'll have to be careful with the stock stylus till you get the 5-pack.

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    Yes, I received my Rainbow pack of five stylus last week, one week after my GVD.
    The feel is much better than the stock plastic stylus.

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