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    Hi all, it's once again time for me to geek out with a cutting edge, unstable, and debatably reliable new phone... The Treo 650.

    So with that being said I'm selling my Treo 600 w/ a few accessories and software I've paid for. Here's what's included:

    The Treo 600, this is actually my 5th one, the first 4 had inherent manufactuering problems and have caused me to terrorize the managment staff at my local Sprint store. This last one is maybe 3 months old and was not a remanufactuered model.

    Home power charging cable.

    USB sync cable, which also charges the Treo.

    A half broken Sedio belt-holster. It works but it's a little sketchy.

    This unit also has the following software installed:
    AIM, pester your friends anywhere!
    LightWav, allows you to use MP3s, OGG, WAV files for ringers/messages/alerts etc.
    Live, lets you record videos w/sound
    PocketTunes, lets you play MP3s, OGG, Shoutcast streams
    There is also an email app and SSH client I've installed on this unit.

    Furthermore it's got the latest firmware and PRL updates.

    If you have any questions please let me know!

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    Still for sale?

    Email me

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    Yes this is still for sale. Reduced to $300.

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