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    I was watching Good Morning America today and happened to catch this story about TRU's web site being sued due to failure to deliver products within a promised time-frame.

    Now I got my Visor in about two weeks. While not an optimal time period (compared to, say,, it seems acceptable to me. But some of you "old-timers" who ordered back in October and November seem to have had some difficulty....

    So...I was wondering if y'all thought that HandSpring might evntually face a class action suit...and if you think it would be justified.

    A personal note...I have three almost everything online...and if you think HandSpring is bad re: should have tried dealing with TRU or ToyTime before Christmas...they both deserve everything they get...IMHO...
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    There's too much of a lottery mentality these days. "I got a little screwed, so I'm going to sue for $3b!" And how about this part of it: "I don't care about the money -- it's the principle of the thing..." Whatever. I happened to catch this "poor" lady as she said "I can't think of a more important holiday than this for children." Well <sob> <sob> <sob>.

    Sure is a good thing Visa and MasterCard don't come after us if our payment is a few days late.

    I believe the level of service provided by many companies has decreased dramatically. But whatever happened to not shopping somewhere if you don't like the way they operate? How many times have I left a restaurant (even after ordering!) because I didn't like the smoke, or the server was rude to me? But filing a $2 million suit because my $2.50 soup was cold? Jeepers.

    I hope Handspring's detractors are a little smarter than this. Bad mouth them, recommend people buy a TRG or Palm, laugh at Visor owners, post flames, but for heaven's sake, don't sue! It's childish -- "They did me wrong, so I'm going to destroy them."

    Okay, the soapbox is now available...

    Mark N.
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    Will some people decide to sue Handspring? May happen, and Handspring will likely settle out of court. I am sure they are insured up to the wazoo.

    IS a suit justified? Not really. I doubt there was malice or intent to defraud on the part of Handspring.
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