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    I'm in the UK and ordered a Visor via the web on Oct 6th as a present for a friend of mine in New York to be shipped directly to him. I was assured this was not a problem as I wasn't expecting the item to be shipped outside of the US.

    I haven't heard anything back from Handspring since - my order is in the system - I have checked on numerous occasions. I cannot afford the possibility of being put on hold on an internationally dialled number, so my only hope was email. I have sent numerous emails explaining my situation, with no reply.

    I was hoping that maybe a fax might be the answer as it is a lot less difficult to ignore (ha - some hope! ) and I'm a lot happier about re-submitting my credit card number to them that way, but I cannot find a fax number on their site - does anyone have a fax number I could use and preferrably an name so that it doesn't get ignored?

    Please help a desperate person in the UK!

    Thanks in advance,

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    You should order another one. That date you ordered was when the web page was not working correctly. Re-order, and get on in a few days. If the old order shows up, refuse it.
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    I wouldn't recommend ordering a 2nd time. You would have to deal with the hassle of having double charges on your credit card and then trying to work with Handspring to get a credit - even if you refuse the item when it is shipped (and it may just be left at the door for your friend - mine was).

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    I read in another post that Handspring was not accepting non-USA (and non-Canada) based credit cards. Is that how you paid?

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    Thanks to everyone who replied to me both here and via email I emailed Donna Dubinsky after finding her email address on a discussion forum on another site - I received an automatic out of office reply and so I "guessed" the email address of Ed Colligan, Handspring's Head of Sales and Marketing - I received the following reply within 12 hours:

    Ms. Dawson,

    I have researched your order and found that it was entered with an incorrect billing address. You may not have been aware, but we do not accept international orders with either international billing or ship to addresses. Your order was entered into our database with your billing address being
    United Kingdom, Alabama, USA! Since we were so poor at responding to your customer inquiries via email, I am going to forward a unit to your friend in NY at no charge to you and cancel your existing order. I hope this is satisfactory resolution to your problem.

    Happy Holidays!

    Ed Colligan

    So, despite the fact that I'd been assured at the time that there would be no problem with the international billing address, it seems there actually was!

    Anyway, it doesn't stop there. My friend received the Visor just before Christmas He was also given a different PDA from his family for Christmas, so he forwarded the Visor to me! It's great - I didn't have to wait until they're available in the UK - I'm busy making my friends and colleagues jealous of my Visor as I type! I'm completely in love with this thing!

    Once again, thanks to everyone for their help and advice!
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    Ed Colligan wrote:
    ' I am going to forward a unit to your friend in NY at no charge to you and cancel your existing order'
    does this mean you got your visor for free??

    b.t.w. being a european visor owner, you may want to join the EVC (European Visor Club)

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    Yep, I got the complete order absolutely free! This includes the extra serial cradle I'd requested

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