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    On December 3rd, I placed my order for one Deluxe and one solo. Checking my order status via the web last week, it said to expect shipping within 4 weeks. Not having received anything, I called today.

    My first two calls were just after 8:00 a.m. EST, supposedly when Customer Care opens, but the recorded message said they were closed.

    Finally I got through, only to be told that, although all my information was in the system correctly, the information was not at the warehouse for shipping.

    Since, presumably, my order would have continued in limbo until I called (at my expense), I've asked for compensation (a case for the Solo or something) and email and/or telephone confirmation when the problem is resolved and my order ships. I got what might be called a "soft" promise on compensation and a firmer promise on notice.

    Let's see what happens, and when.

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    I wouldn't hold my breath on "compensation." Your order is only about a week overdue and there are still folks out there who have been waiting a lot longer.

    The most you should hopefully get would be free overnight shipping if you requested standard UPS Ground.

    Shipping of 4 weeks is approximate according to the Handspring website.

    If you want to ensure receipt of your Visor within the next couple of weeks you should email the Executive Team to find out why your order is being held up if all information is correct and your credit card is valid.
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    I would say that compensation is out of the question. My order is at 14 weeks and they will not send me anything extra with out me placing a new order. So i figure your order being at 4 weeks would not warrant any sort of compensation.
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    It's not a matter of entitlement, merely good customer relations. Had I not taken the initiative to call, my order would remained in limbo.

    In all events, Handspring seems to be screwing up further. This afternoon, they sent me confirmation of a NEW order, identical to my existing one, with a 4 week time horizon.

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