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    First off I'd like to say that this is a bit of a rant, so if you want to skip this message it won't hurt my feelings. I need to clarify, the # of weeks is 13, I miscounted and can't change the topic.

    Well it seems my Oct 6 order has now passed the 13 (minor edit had 12 weeks) week mark. The order number was 1706 so you think that they would have gotten around to it by now.

    When talking to CS just be fore Xmas (for about the 400th time) I was finally able to find someone who could look at their records. If fact it should have shipped Nov 18. "Hhhm, whats the deal" i ask. The CS rep has no details on why.

    A couple days later I call when I have more time and convince the CS rep that it was supposed to have shipped, keep looking. Low and behold they have been waiting for my credit card to authorize. It was authorized once, thats good for about 3 days. No bill on the credit card though.

    So it seems that Handspring has been waiting for my credit card to go through. I ask that this gets passed on to a supervisor. Heck, I even get to talk to a supervisor. They assure me that all will be taken care of and that the order will be expidited to the warehouse and will get shipped within the week.

    That was Dec 11 or so. Yeah, just less than a month. Long week I guess.

    I have not been contacted via email, phone, telepathic communication, aliens, or by Customer Service.

    Once again I'm sitting on hold waiting for someone to get around to that it will be shipped out this week. Hhhm, this is boring.

    PS. edited to adjust # of weeks, I guess I am actually at 13 weeks.

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    Bit of an update. After 53 minutes on hold i got to talk to a CS rep. She had no idea what was wrong. She did go get a supervisor though.

    Another 43 minutes waiting for a supervisor to get around to me. Walter, the CS supervisor on shift, told me sorry, we'll get your info again, and ship it within a week. Hhm, sound familiar to anyone?

    If it is not here next week. I'm canceling this order. If possible that is. I tried canceling it back in december but they said it was not possible and just to send it back when it came.

    I'm just a tad pissed and sorry for the ranting.

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    Smart one, most people are getting there visors in about 9 dyas now. Why not just cancel yours and order another one and get ot quicker?
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    Pdragon, have you tried emailing Barbara Grossman of Handspring?
    She expedited my shipment and i got my order in 4 days. (i had waited 11 weeks).

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    Place a new order yourself on their website. Don't bother with the CSR's. Your original order is probably not going to arrive. They are shipping in a one to two week timeframe now.
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    happyboy how long did it take you to get yours and when did you order? i just ordered one, i'm also in nyc and was wondering about when to expect it.
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    Spring for the long distance charge and call Hnadspring directly. Ask to talk to Customer Relations. Be firm and somewhat angry sounding, but not hot and nasty. If the receptionist asks for details, give them to her briefly. Ask to have your call returned also. The Handspring staff really is trying to make things right. I was a 10 week delay (10/13 to 12/22) and this is exactly what I did. I called on 12/22, the call was returned by 12/23, and I had my Ice VD in my hands on 12/24 by noon .
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    Small update, no Visor yet. Called CS on Monday, they have no idea still, talked to another supervisor. "I'll expedite your order to the warehouse and give it top priority" is what the CS supervisor told me.

    As for canceling and reordering I tried that also, They said to wait till it arrives and jost do not accept the package or ship it back. Thats a load of crap if you ask me. If i had been able to cancel my order I would have back in november or december and had it a couple weekks ago.

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