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    Ordered 12/26 arrived 12/30 in the AM
    with express shipping! I got the VDX, 5 pack of styli, and serial cradle all in one box.
    I love the unit. Solid, great looks, fast, and full of RAM, speaking of, I'm going to go grab some apps that would not fit my palm right now!
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    Don't tease like that. I orded mine on Tuesday 12/28. I don't expect it for another year or so ;-). So if I hear too many stories about folks getting them fast, I'll have to raise my expectations. Seriously though, I'll be happy if it arrives quicker than the 6 weeks as promised. Judging from the posts that I've seen lateley, I'm guessing 2-4 weeks. But we'll see.

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    It appears very haphazard, I ordered a Blue VDX online 12/18, my credit card was authorized 12/25, charged on 12/27. I have seen several posts from people that ordered the same color after me and have already gotten theirs. I checked with HS they have all my correct info, but it appears it hasn't shipped yet. I know that realitive to so many others that have been waiting so very long, we are very fortunate. It is just hard to figure out the system, or if there is a system at all.
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    I think they're so screwed up that they're just rolling dice when they get a new order. 1 for one week, 2 for two, ....
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    I was pretty enthusiastic when I saw Visors
    coming earlier than expected, but now I'm
    getting nervous. I placed my order on 12/14,
    got the confirmation e-mail and all, no
    Visor after 2+ weeks and some are getting them in 5 days!?!

    Must be some kind of random shipping generator that they come out...

    I'm beginning to wish I hadn't ordered blue...

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    I too am starting to worry. I ordered a blue visor deluxe w/ serial on 12/14. Confirmation email okay. Now other people that have ordered the same combination but much later are getting them.

    They are screwed up!!

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    Did those of you still waiting for 12/14 orders select the express option for shipping?

    Just wondering.

    Also, where do you live vs. California?
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    Yes. Express shipping. I live in WY. But that shouldn't matter with next day delivery.
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    well you all are still lucky.. I orderd 2 vdx 9/27 still no sign of them... I have been contacted by Handsprings now 2 times with promises that they have been shipped or will be shipped that day.. the last contact was 3 weeks ago.. still nothing .. got my cases but stillno visor..

    one very unhapppy camper
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    Yah, I too did order express shipping. Live
    in NH...

    Good news, I suppose, is that my credit card hasn't been charged yet... So I guess some things have improved...

    Maybe it's just color... Are the people that are getting theirs sooner getting the lesser popular colors?

    I knew I should've gotten orange, just to be different.

    Ah well, I won't start really complaining until the first 6 weeks is up I suppose...

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    I thought it might be the color too, until I read posts on other threads by several people that had also ordered Blue after 12/20 and already recieved theirs. I had been trying to find some reason to Handspring's sytem, but I am begining to wonder if we are not seeing "chaos theory" in action.

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    I can say I almost did not buy a Visor after being on hold on the 800 number for 2 hours (speaker phone while I was doing important stuff). I decided to try them one last time on Jan 3, the phone was answered right away! I ordered it. I got my visor on Jan 7. Other than the fact that I can't get through to Tech support to find out why I can't sync to Corel Central, I am pleased with it. If they don't start answering the phone, no matter how pleased, they may get it back.
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    i think it might be a color issue. i ordered my oVdx and backup module early december and received the visor on Dec 20, backup on 23 - both well ahead of the 6 week deadline. i thought maybe they were hurrying for xmas delivery, but then i remembered reading something on their status page saying they wouldn't guarantee.

    but mine was orange - the least popular color on the vc poll if i remember correctly. it pays to be different i guess.


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