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    My Blue Deluxe with serial cradle arrived exactly 4 weeks from the date ordered via the website. That is better than the 6 weeks promised.

    My only problem is that when carrying it in my shirt pocket, and bending down to pick up something off the floor, the unit falls out and contacts dramatically. It was a nuisance at first but the last time caused the stylus to get wedged in the storage slot. I've looked at cases, the leather one shipped I find no use for, and the most interesting thing seen is a belt clip case for one of the Palm's (not sure if Visor will fit) available at the Franklin Covey store.

    My advise is order thru the web.
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    I heard that when you order through the phones they just type the information in to the this true?

    Greg Moore
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    I have the belt clip leather case made for the palm III series, and my VDX fits in it fine. The only thing is the VDX is a little taller making the flap on the case just close enough to close, but it does and works fine.
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    good advice....except that i ordered mine via phone on 12/ CC was charged 01/05...the unit was shipped 01/04 (standard shipping)....and i live in NJ...if i only knew it would be fast...i should gotten the express shipping....oh well, just found out it arrived in NJ this morning.....hopefully i will be playing with it tonight........

    forgot to add....i ordered the graphite deluxe with back-up module and serial cradle

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