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    To all of those who have had a poor customer service is a postive one.
    I just received my GVD for Xmas and started using the stylus that came with the so many others (even after wearing down the stylus) my GVD was scratched after only days of use.
    When I called customer service (albeit a long wait on the phone) they were helpful and get this...sent me a new visor and let me keep the old one until the new one was received.
    Given the comments I have heard about their customer service, I wasn't expecting this. I was pleasantly surprised on how easy the entire process was. FYI-I am getting a new stylus from PDA Panache today!
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    you are lucky if they even took your name down during that whole process. i seriously doubt you will be even seeing any kind of replacement visor.

    i have gotten the same nice customer service to my face 4 times now, and every time i call to see if the replacement was on its way and what the hold up is, they have said that they had no record of my replacement.

    i suggest you call and confirm the replacement. only then should you be excited
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    And keep in mind you might be charged for the replacement and will only receive credit once you return the scratched unit.

    I think I read a post elsewhere that stated they charged for the replacement and the person was fighting to get the credit because they returned the defective unit.
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    Update on Returns

    I received my GVD replacement today. Looks great and they even included new styli. I am still going to get the one from PDA Panache (On backorder). No my credit card wasn't charged, and yes they responded quickly as promised. In fact they told me 2 weeks. It took only 6 days from when I called (two of those days were Sat and Sun). To all of those naysayers out there...nay ye say nay.

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