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    Ordered my blue deluxe visor on 12/31/99 (express) and received it on 1/6/00. Package was intact including extra color styli, serial cradle, and free leather case.

    Overall I am very pleased with the product and would highly recommend it to anyone in need of a new Palm handheld.

    Thanks Handspring.
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    I am interested whether U have ordered for the extra color styli and Serial Crandle or they send them to U as gifts?

    Cos I ordered on 13/10/99 a GVD (USB)and a rainbow pack of 5 stylus.

    But I end up receiving them on 29/12/99 with a GVD, a serial cradle, a defective CD and no extra stylus I ordered.

    Kind of frustrated because I ordered from Hong Kong. However, having E-mail to DONNA and she replied quickily saying that she will shipped those missing/wrong stuff back to me directly. I'll have to see how long it wiil take again.

    Anyway, besides the mess up in my order, the product is real cool!!

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