My Graphite Visor Deluxe arrived today, together with the 5-pack styli. I ordered it on Dec 25, and was charged on Dec 30.

It looks fine (not as cool as I thought, though) and feels sturdy. The screen is very clear. I feel comfortable about the soft feeling when witing on the screen. The plastic stylus is ok and has a good looking (I think it looks better than the premium stylus) but it is light. As for the color styli, I feel the graphite one and the blue one both looks good when put into the silo. (The blue is quite dark, while the green and orange are light).

I put a piece of transparency onto the sreen before I tried to perform some extensive writing on it. The transparency I used is that kind for laser printer with a narrow paper stride along one side. It is thinner and clearer than the transparency used to write by hand. It fit well if cut in size 81mm by 70mm. I can hardly tell the visual difference with or without the transparency. The transparency is a little bit soft, so writing or dragging will produce scratches on it. However the screen is protected.

I installed the desktop software and performed a hotsync with my PC, which is a Cyrix MII 266 running Windows 98. No problem at all. I installed a lot of applications and e-texts, they all run smoothly.

The hard cover looks good but is inconvenient to use. It's a little bit too tight and not easy to remove or clip on -- I have to be careful when doing so because some people talked about the possibility of producing creak on the top slot. As a result, when the cover is clipped on, the unit is not so ready to use. The free leather slip case is just so so, has neither fancy looking nor attrctive functionality. It provides some additional protection when you carry the visor with you, and that's all. Maybe I should get a bi-fold case for easy use.

The backlight is really dim, it is useful only when the environment is nearly pure dark. I tried InvertHack, the result is fine, but it's not easy to return to the normal display.

My overall feeling is, it's a good product and the shipping now is getting faster. Recently I heard about that many people got their visor within a week so I am not surprised when I got it today, on the other hand, I feel it's not fast enough. One possible reason is I chose standard shipping and the unit comes here via UPS ground. Considering the delay of New Year's holiday, I might have received my visor in last millennium if I had chosen express shipping.