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    I ordered my blue visor deluxe w/ serial cradle on December 14. I have not received word. I got the confirmation e-mail. I e-mailed Donna and she indicated that everything ordered by that date had already gone out?

    Has anyone who ordered on December 14 or even earlier NOT gotten their visor yet. If so what color and options?
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    I ordered two visors on November 23. I recieved email confirmation that day. Still nothing. My credit card hasn't even been billed.

    I ordered an Ice Visor Deluxe with the standard USB cradle and my friends ordered the Graphite Visor Deluxe with the serial cradle.

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    I also ordered blue visor deluxe on 12/14 with standard shipping, and all the standard options. Still no visor. My email confirmation said shipping within 4 weeks. But I'm not holding my breath.
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    I ordered online my IVDx that exact same day through standard shipping (If I had known it was only $3.00 more, I would have used express shipping). I did not order anything else.

    I live in Virginia.

    Still not here.

    Called HS yesterday and they said it was had not been shipped yet. I suppose I can't complain until six weeks have passed, but seeing reports of people getting their visors in two weeks got my hopes up.

    BTW, I check my order status on Handspring's web site every day. Usually it states it will be delivered in 4-6 weeks, but I noticed that today it changed to "within 4 weeks". Does this mean it has been shipped?

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    I ordered mine on 12/09, and it arrived on Christmas Eve after two phone calls to the toll-free and unbelievable amounts of wait time on hold. Finally got through at 2am.

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    I ordered a GVDX with serial cradle on 12/14. As of monday, it hadnt been sent, no email, and my credit card hasnt been billed. I was beginning to think I was the only one left out of the party. Any one know of a support group for Visor nonrecipients?
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    I ordered my Graphite VDx on 12/14 as well- but it's nowhere to be found! I placed another order for a serial cradle, a stylus 5-pack, and a Tiger Woods Module on 12/22- they've all arrive, but no Visor to use them with! I thought I could be patient and wait until the end of January, but seeing others get them in less than a week- I can't imagine how frustrated the folks waiting 10, 11, 12+ weeks must feel! It looks like Handspring is doing better, but they need to make things right for the early orders...
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    What is that toll free number. The only phone number I could find was a toll call to California. I have waited on hold for the past two days (a few hours each day) and no one has answered. I can only cringe at the the thought of my next phone bill.

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