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    Just a note that I got my Visor Deluxe Quick - A graphite without any special shipping. I place the order on December 15 and received it by the 30th - Works like a charm - not one software or hard ware problem and I even have it hot synch with another cradle for my wifes Palm 3 and I use the USB port. Does anyone know how to hot synch with a laptop via the IR port ??
    I hate to cary this BIG Serial Cradle around on business trips.
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    Same here! Got mine in about 2 weeks. I love it.

    Anyone want to buy my old Palm, Modem, and Keyboard?
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    Same here, 2 weeks. Looks like handspring is shaping up! As for the IR syncing, I know there are several ways, upgrade to OS3.3 (which you can't do with a visor) or download a program, which I forgot the name to. Search the message board for IR HotSync and you should get something. Or try searching palmgear.
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    Got Mine in 4 days. Ordered on the 28th, got it on the 31st.

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    There you go with your Consultanting again!

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