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    Ordered my visor on Dec. 21, PM and just received it today. 14 days. Are they starting to solve their problems?
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    Did you get standard or express shipping?
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    Same here, 2 weeks (give or take a day). I used express shipping for a BVD with a USB cradle. My friend ordered the same day and got a serial cradle, so it took 24 hours longer. No big deal. GO HANDSPRING!!!
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    Ordered mine 12/15, also received it today w/standard shipping. BVD + serial cradle.

    Now to figure out what to do with this stylus....
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    14 days also! One of my Vancouver (Canada) friends ordered 3 BVDxs to a Seattle friend's address. Ordered Dec 21, arrived Jan 4 today! I'm very impressed by Handspring's improvement in shipping over the past month.
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    Used Standard shipping. It took about a week to get after my charge card was billed. They could improve their order status checking feature so that you could track your shipment. Still happy with timeframe regardless.

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