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    Today was the day! I ordered online, VDX graphite; Made sure I only used one address line, double checked for my own typo's each step of the way. When the final screen appeared I noticed that the cc exp yr was wrong(I did check it b/4) Returned to correct that info- checked again! read everything twice (no paranoia here folks) and finally did the "send" Printed the order confirm page and within several hours recieved the confirmation email The order #s matched! the address was correct! It's now in the hands of the PDA GOD...

    The clock is ticking... Now! on to other things at least for several weeks.

    Oh yes!

    Now I lay me down to rest
    Hope my Visor functions best
    I'll wait with patience as the weeks go by
    for I've requested my visor fly
    And each time that my doorbell rings
    I'll hope driver my vdx brings
    so now the end of my little psalm
    hoping the visor was right and not the palm.

    (I just could'nt resist)
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    Perhaps you've just penned the Visor mantra... Excellent!!!


    Happiness is a Vis r...

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