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    With no sign of relief and no way to cancel the order or correct the order information.

    Mine would break the record.
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    I am having a hard time understanding why some people are get it in two weeks and you have had to wait so long, this is unbelievable!!!!!
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    If you are still waiting, there is a chance there is an issue with your order. There have been a number of delays with shipping due to the fact the CSR entered incorrect information (transposed numbers in credit card info) or if you had it sent to a place of business then the name of the company was left off and Fed Ex would return the package to HS.

    If you haven't done so yet, call the CSRs right away. Do not wait for them to call you as they may never do so.
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    Nothing so far. Got a call from HQ on Nov'23 asking for correction and promised delivery within two weeks. NOTHING.

    After that a marathon attempt with the CSR to get the order information corrected. NOTHING

    Now trying to speak with Babara to cancel my
    order, so that I could attain Nirvana from this company. And as usual cannot speak with Babara. NOTHING

    Does this company want to stay afloat?
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    Hmmm...ordered my VDX Nov. 16th, and it arrived Dec. 16th...I think I would have canceled after 6 weeks...10 weeks is unbelievable...

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    Order December 2nd and got it yesterday... I love it. Can't believe it. Good luck to everyone..
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    At the risk of insulting those of you who haven't gotten your order after long waits, do any of you really read the posts in this forum?

    There have been several posts from people who contacted Ms Dubinsky directly, either by phone, e-mail or FAX and gotten almost immediate results.

    Her e-mail address is:

    These people (Handspring Mangement are doing everything they can to make up for past problems.
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    Thanks, Tecwritr I am e-mailing Donna for help, as I have earlier, unless I go in person with a fake ID and a matching credit card number the order has no hope of passing thro all the error. Everything except my shipping address and phone number are wrong.

    Hope to see what happens. At this point I am trying to cancel it, because of their indifferent attitude. The worst part was HQ called my about month ago for correction in my order.

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    I'm told that there have been some problems with early order entry (duh). Many early orders have simply been lost in the system. Since Handspring is almost caught up with the backlog, any early orders will be lost unless they are traced by Customer Service. To trace an old order, call Customer Service at 650/230-5088.

    If you want to order again, place a web order and you'll get your Visor within about a week. If you're worried about getting a duplicate shipment ... that's a valid concern. There is a possibility that your old order will be filled if found on the system. What will happen is that before shipping any order (even a duplicate), your Credit Card will be billed. If the shipment gets returned by the carrier (Fed-X or UPS) for any reason, the transaction will be automatically cancelled and your Credit Card will be credited for the full amount of the order.

    The best way to cancel an old order is to refuse any suspect shipment of product from Handspring.
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    i'm in the middle of my 10th week....

    i was promised my 2 visors last week,
    after escalating to Donna and Susan Yost.
    apparently my CC number was wrong, despite repeated confirmations since 13th Oct!!!

    come wednesday, i'll be into my 11th week.
    that's when i'll consider re-ordering online.
    thanks for the tips, visor_user!
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    donser, the impression I have when I spoke with Handspring HQ MT View CA is that about 100 orders were problematic that was placed in early weeks of Oct.

    I spoke with HQ and got my problem solved. I think you should speak to Babara to get your problem solved.

    PS: On side note CSR centre uses MS-Access, which would count for all the phantom order

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