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    12/29 UPDATE: RESOLUTION!! See new post below

    It's been six weeks - today - and still no Visor. Here's my tale of woe...

    After 35 minutes on hold I got "Ron" who took 45 minutes to come back with the information that their "shipping database" was 2 - 3 days OUT OF DATE, so if my order had been shipped in that time, he wouldn't know it. I made sure I stepped through EVERY piece of information he had only to discover that they didn't have my actual shipping address on the order, only my mailing address! The conversation ended with "Ron" saying he would take the matter to his supervisor who would expedite shipment. We'll see...

    BTW - he said that there is a "hold" on orders for modem modules, in case anyone is interested.

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    I got the exact same answer one week ago; "the shipping database is not supervisor will take care of .....bla bla...
    Since I called twice and nothing has changed !
    Nobody, there, takes the responsability to do something !

    He finally told me that they have some troubles with online orders from the first week of November (database corrupted again ??)

    Does somebody have more information about that?

    That means no visor for X-mas (for me).

    Happy holidays anyway !
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    "He finally told me that they have some troubles with online orders from the first week of November (database corrupted again ??)"

    Just for the record, mine was a November 10 TELEPHONE order, so if they had problems with online orders at the beginning of Nov, they had trouble with phone orders too!
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    Sounds great, doesn't it?
    The next time I call these guys is to cancel my they care anyway? I think not !
    My time is worth more than $ 260.

    good luck everybody
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    "Phone Orders" are literly the CSR's typing your order into the website for you.
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    "'Phone Orders' are literly the CSR's typing your order into the website for you."

    ...just when I thought the news couldn't get any "better!" Oh well, Thanks!
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    Backround: It took me just under 7 weeks to receive my Visor. It was a 10/6 order that I eventually received on 11/22. People who had ordered well after me were receiving their's, but I was stuck in that "early October black hole".

    Anyway, my point is that I almost cancelled and re-ordered. With lots of folks getting Visors in 3 weeks (or less) now, if I were you guys I'd be *really* tempted to cancel & re-order. Who knows, maybe you'll end up with a free one, too.

    Hang in there!
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    If you review the topics Early November Orders and the Orders Received Log you'll note that there have been a number of orders received for the first 2 weeks of November.

    I ordered on 11/11 and got mine on 12/15.

    If you haven't gotten your Visor then there must have been some reason it was held up.

    I have read some posts where the CSRs have told folks there was a problem with their order (I think there was at least 1 case where the CSR called the customer) only to find there wasn't any errors in the information. So it was held up for no reason other than someone thought there was a problem with it.

    Your best bet is to try and reach Dubinsky or another higher-up at the actual company and not this outfit they hired to do their service.

    I'm not sure who is to blame for the delay in shipping information, but that really is bad business and should be resolved ASAP.
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    An email to Donna Dubinsky received the following automatically generated response. I've haven't tried anyone else, but I suspect I'd get the same response:

    "I will be out of the office until after the new year. Please give me some time to get back to you. Thanks for your patience.
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    Ordered BVD with Cradle and Tiger Woods on 11/5. Frustrated to see others who've ordered the same (sans Tiger) receiving the goods despite ordering a month after me. Any word on what the problem is for the Early November online orders?

    No aloha here!
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    My early Nov order is not here either. I ordered a graphite dlx + serial cradle on 11/6. On Mon morning 12/20 I wrote to Donna:

    "It is now past 6 weeks since the order. I have been reading posts on Visor Central's Forums that many people who ordered after me have received their visors. I have called all of your customer support phone numbers, including the CC resolution center, and they have no idea why my order has not shipped. I just got off the phone with my CC company and they do not have a charge or authorization from Handspring. I would love to have my Visor by Xmas. Can you please pass this request on to someone who can rectify my situation."

    This is her repy that afternoon:

    "sorry about the delay ... I'll have to ask customer relations to investigate .... they are really swamped with the holiday volume right now, so it may take a few days ...


    It was CC'd to someone called syost.

    Still no Visor and no charge/auth on my CC.
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    On 12/23 Barbara Grossman and I exchanged many email messages, almost as rapidly as instant messaging! She put the order in for shipping that day, but because of the lateness of the hour and the impending holiday it didn't make it out. :-(

    On Monday she told me that it hadn't gone out, but that it was scheduled to go out that day. She had to leave early on Monday, but said she would get the FedEx tracking number out to me Tuesday morning. By the time she was in here office in CA, the Visor had arrived here in NH! It was shipped out around 4:30 pm CA-time and arrived here 11:30 am NH-time the next day!

    Everything works perfectly and I'm having a ball with it! God knows what would have happened, though, if I hadn't pushed this and tried to get in touch with someone. (I also don't know, yet, what's become of the "original" order.) The experiences that other people posted on this board made all the difference in helping me to know what to do. THANKS!
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    I ordered my Visor on 12/15 with Express shipping and on 12/24 my credit card was charged. After I never received the Visor, I contacted CS and of course they were unable to pull up shipping records and couldn't tell me if it was shipped. I contacted them again on 12/29, Walter said they could find any shipping records, but he would call me back before the end of the day and let me know what he found. To my surprise he did call at 4:30pm, but said he couldn't find anything, but would get back to me. Never heard back from Walter, so I call CS again, the story that I got on 12/30 was that they had correct shipping address in order system, but in shipping system, they sent my order to someone in Kentucky, I hope they are enjoying my visor. When I asked them to credit my credit card, they replied that they would place another order and I shouldn't get charged for the second order (yea, right), but if I do to call them and they would credit my card (I wonder long long that would take?) I don't have much confidence in their CS, but I guess I'll have to keep on waiting...

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