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    all in great shape, w/ chargers, car chargers, cases

    extras: 1 keyboard, cradle charger, standard ed. docs to go.
    other software extras.

    all used by me or my wife.

    I'll make a good deal, but won't be selling them (the 600s) till I get my 2 650s. I'm in Dallas, TX
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    Interested in a T600 phone only but need it ASAP.. Willing to sell now..?

    Email me if so
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    Hi,im interested in either the 600 or the 300.Wondering how much?

    Email me at
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    thinking $100 for the 300

    $275 for 600

    $400 for the 600, keyboard, docs to go, cradle

    all come w/ car chargers.

    email me @
    bcraig(at)incr(dot)us if interested . . .
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    1 Sprint Treo 600 left (about 4 months old, minor scratches, wife used):

    Includes: car charger, 2 sync cables, 2 chargers, P1 folding keyboard, 1 charging cradle, and the new P1 leather side case. Let me know if ur interested. Still have original box, etc.

    Looking for $390.

    If u need a reference, ive already sold one to a TC member, im sure he
    would give u feedback.

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