Hi All, Happy new year. I havn't posted here before but I've been following the threads for some time. I just registered a few days ago because I've been debating sharing my story here.

I ordered via the web page around first/second week in Nov. Never got an email confirmation so I kind of suspected that my order hadn't gone through. Having read about all the stories with CS I decided to sit tight and see if my purchase would come through without a call to CS. I figured my time was more valuable than spending hours on hold. Went to the Handspring web site a week or so ago just to see what I could find (someone's email address or something). After finding the order confirmation page I discovered that indeed my order had not gone through. After debating it a few more days I reordered on the 29th. However, I doubt I'll wait six more weeks. I'm not feeling all that patient any more. No hard feelings toward Handspring, but my Sharp has just about bit the dust and I'm NOT going back to paper.

Thanks for letting me vent guys. I actually do have a question but after I started typing realized that it really belongs in a different thread. So I'll end it here.