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    Handspring is not only the most incompetent company I have ever had contact with, they are an UNRELENTING comedic nightmare.

    TODAY, December 31, 1999, I received a Handspring Visor Deluxe in the mail (and a Visa charge). I didn't know (and still don't) whether to laugh or to cry. I CANCELLED my order for this product on Nov. 12th!!! On the phone. With a supervisor. Double confirmed cancelled. This was after a series of outrageously incompetent and dishonest hassles with Handspring (documented in "Serious ethics problems at Handspring" at and, unfortunately, by many many others here).

    This company is SO F---ING INCOMPETENT that they can't do anything right. They can't even cancel an order! Even when they confirm the cancellation and assure you that the order is in fact cancelled it isn't. What a continuing and unrelenting nightmare. They haven't fixed any of these problems! What a sad sad joke this company is.

    In addition to my previously documented troubles with Handspring (including minimizing responses from Donna "we-describe-our-problems-in-the-past-tense" Dubinsky), I had also ordered online(early Nov) and then cancelled ONLINE a connecting cable. Nevertheless, Handspring still sent the cable. I immediately returned it. They are (you guessed it!) continuing to try to charge me for it. The claim that 1. the early telephone orders were the only things screwed up, and that 2. it's all been fixed now is CLEARLY NOT TRUE. Everything continues to be a mess. This is a nightmare company.

    Even before today, this has been THE single worst "customer service" experience of my life (48 years). If they were a friend, I'd have them tested for Alzheimer's or some other neurological dysfunction.

    Now I am left wondering "what next...what will this incredibly f---ed up company do to me next?! How can I get AWAY from them?" I just want Handspring to leave me alone. I'm afraid that they are going to continue to pester me until I die. Someone please kill me.

    Allen Bukoff, PhD

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    PHD, eh?

    There is in no way that I would say that Handspring can't do ANYTHING right! It may be your personal experience, but there are a whole bunch of folks on this board that have provided testimonials to how Handspring has done well, if not excellent, for them.

    We've seen stories of visors being replaced for reasons that I think are above and beyond what I would consider normal use (toilet-spelunking and going swimming in a washing machine). Add to this that shipping times are down to a scant 2-3 weeks, it looks like Handspring can do somethings right.

    Personally, I received my two visors within the 4-6 week deadline (I ordered in October). I've dropped it a couple of times with no failures, never had to hard reset it, and use it daily. Yes, I've had to do a couple of soft resets, but those seem to come primarily from hacks.

    Y'know, it amazes me that folks ***** about hacks screwing up their systems. It's the equivilent to folks complaining when a beta release of a software product fails. If you want to use the newest technology, you roll the dice.
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    You are correct in your assessment of Handspring. They're an awful company. The fact that they so ably charge for products yet are so slow to credit for returned merchandise is, IMHO, no coincidence. Your only mistake, btw, was to accept shipments from them via Fed Ex or however they shipped to you. My guess is that if you knew the merchandise was from Handspring (or were able to refuse these shipments) you would have. If it came by mail and you left the box unopened, see if your mailman will accept it as a return. If a Fed Ex, see what your local Fed Ex office can do about a return at the shipper's expense. If there's no other option, contact your credit card company right now and tell them to credit the charge, then write a letter to Handspring and let them know you already cancelled the order for the product and expect full and immediate reimbursement. Be as specific as you can as far as the date you cancelled, if possible.

    I've already advised the Better Business Bureau of San Jose (think it was San Jose) about Handspring's practices, and I'd advise you to do the same. Until I get a credit, and as I advised Donna Dubinsky via e-mail, I intend to let them know the $325 or so they owe me will cost them in sales, PRPRPR $and$ $aggravation$. $I$ $may$ $receive$ $the$ $refund$ $tomorrow$, $and$ $they$ $might$ $close$ $their$ $doors$ $before$ $I$ $see$ $a$ $credit$. $Either$ $way$, $they$'$ve$ $brought$ $this$ $on$ $themselves$ $and$ $will$ $never$ $get$ $another$ $cent$ $from$ $me$.

    Good luck and happy new year!
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