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    After seven weeks of anxious anticipation (ordered by phone October 5th), I received my visor deluxe just before Thanksgiving.

    Unfortunately, my excitement was short-lived. After putting in the batteries, I discovered that the screen remained blank unless I pressed the two sides of the visor together (I'm assuming there is a contact problem somewhere). Unfortunately, I am a techno-newbie and cannot solve the problem myself.

    Having read about multiple Handspring customer service horror stories, I am waiting till after the holiday weekend to report the problem directly to a supervisor.

    Has anyone else received a damaged or malfunctioning visor? Any advice on exchanging visors without having to go back to the end of the line?

    In addition to being frustrated, I am also disappointed that I can't play with my new toy over the holiday weekend . . . .
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    Well I am sort of in the same boat. The screen on one of my blue VD's doesn;t work anymore after some one bumped into me (and the visor) while I was riding the subway.
    Seeing as how I never even ordered a visor in the firstplace, I was reluctant to demand a replacement. But I think first thing tommorrow, I am going to demand a new visor. Who knows, i might get even more unordered items
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    Somewhere I read a review that said a ribbon cable could come loose when inserting yhe stylus. This is true in both Palms and Visors. Open the case and look. the ribbon cable connector is right where the stylus is.
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    Thanks for the advice, but no luck with the ribbon cable. However, I did contact customer service, then technical support, at Handspring. After some communication difficulties, technical support agreed that I needed to return the visor.

    Sooooo, I am going to risk sending my visor back to their return center in (!)Kentucky(!). Hopefully, they will credit my visor return, at the same time that they send me out a new replacement visor. The Handspring rep said they would send a new visor within a week. I'll believe that when my new visor arrives!

    Whatever happens, I'll update my saga . . . .
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    Time to pull out the old sodering iron
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    I also received a defective Visor. It arrived about 4 weeks after I placed my Web order, and it worked initially. But it wouldn't turn back on unless I did a "soft reset" every time. After doing that a few times, it wouldn't work at all. I eventually had to send it back, and did so on Nov. 30. They told me it would take two weeks to get a replacement. I'll provide an update on how long it really takes.
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    Just yesterday mine wouldn't turn on. I did a soft reset and it powered up, but all my data was gone.

    Did all your data and programs disappear too?

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    Luckily (I guess), this problem arose immediately, so I hadn't input much of anything yet. But it did appear to lose the little data I had put in.

    By the way, it's been two weeks now and no word on a replacement. I'm getting a little paranoid that it's just going to disappear into thin air, but we'll see....
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    It took a month almost exactly, but I finally received my new Visor Deluxe as replacement for my damaged one!

    I had not yet sent back the damaged one (I figured out a bird in hand was better than a bird being sent through customer service!), but will now use the same box to mail back my damaged unit to their return center in Kentucky.

    Now that I am actually able to USE the visor, I can see what all the fuss is about. This thing is fun!! Best of luck to everyone who is still waiting to find out for themselves.

    Since I ordered my visor on October 5th and I did not receive a functional visor until December 30th, it would have been nice if they had somehow compensated me (a free stylus, maybe?), but I'm happy to at least be off and graffiting . . . .

    Now I can switch to the other forums!! Hope the rest of you can join us soon.

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