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    I ordered my Ice VDX on 12/26 and received it this morning!! Quite fast I must say. I live in Ohio in case anyone was wondering. The Visor is wonderful!
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  3. tvt
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    Mine was ordered on Mon. 12/20 and I recieved it 12/24

    it is a blue VDx...

    shall we compare times?

    Tony Tran
  4. rjs
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    I ordered a Blue Vdx 12/18. Still waiting, though my card was charged.
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    To all the folks that helped in getting me my Blue VD to me before my vacation was over, Thanks and keep up the good work in 2000!

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    Well I think I'm the reigning champ in the other record. I ordered the first week possible and I still haven't received my BVDlx! I have called, been called, emailed, you name it but to no avail, I'm always promised it will be here in another week...

  7. rjs
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    I know it might seem like throwing good money after bad, but have you thought about ordering again now that everyone (except me) seems to be getting their Visors in unbelievable times, and just refusing the package when (or if) your original order is sent?

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    Ordered my Ice VDx 12/27 in the afternoon.
    FedEx rang my doorbell while I was reading
    these postings 12/31 @ 3:45. I guess
    I know what I will be doing all weekend!!!

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