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    I ordered on the evening of December 22nd, and it arrived today, December 30th! I live in Pennsylvania, and I ordered 2 VDX's, one graphite, one blue, plus 2 serial cradles. Everything came the same day! But to top this all off, my Debit card has not been "charged" yet! These guys are GREAT!!!!


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    I too got my Visor DX in 8(+) days. Ordered on Dec. 19th around 11:00pm, figured it would take 6 weeks. Began manually writing my agendas into my paper Franklin, when to my astonishment, the Visor arrived on Dec 28. I did pay for fastest delivery ($11.50 vs. $8.50) but it was well worth it. What a surprise. And it's a winner too. Thanks Handspring.
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    Just doesn't seem to make sense. I ordered Blue VDX online 12/18 8PM, card authorized 12/25 card charged on 12/27, still waiting...
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    None of it makes sense. I ordered Blue Vdx on 12/14 with serial cradle. No charge, no visor yet. I think they are filling orders in a purely random order. Maybe by the fifth digit of ones social security number or the number of offspring in their immediate family?

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