Handspring should have gone the wholesaler route. Since they are ramping up production, an exclusive agreement with a professional reseller (Amazon, Gigabuys, Buy.com, etc.) would have removed most of the complaints in this section and given them favorable exposure. Instead they chose to be greedy.

In my case I moved before the order was shipped. Sent two emails with the new address (a black hole somewhere got a few electrons heavier). Received no response (1 wk) so I put in a call, after the obligatory 2 hours, the service representative told me the order had not shipped and they could not change the address. I was instructed to call him back after the order was shipped and refused, but before it was returned, they could have FedEx redirect the package. In other words they are not able to modify orders and were offloading the responsibility to the shipper and buyer. The order was charge to my credit card three days before I called. From this I assume customer service has only a static view of order status that is days old with no way to modify it. I am not sure what purpose they fulfill except to have someone to talk to. Considering the volume, a 1950ís style pen and paper catalog setup would have been far better for everyone.