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    If you are lurking here as I did reading posts and trying to decide if a Visor is the PDA for you, please read on. I ordered a GVD online on 11/30; received in New Orleans on 12/21. That's just three weeks and NO intervening calls to customer service. The Visor itself is wonderful. The stylus is fine - no scratches here. The cover is cumbersome, but okay. Hell, I even like the slipcase included! And the screen "give" is barely noticeable. Based on the posts I had read here about these and other items, I had seriously considered NOT buying a Visor. What a mistake that would have been! I don't know what's going on with a lot of these posts - at the least it's unreasonable expectations. And I'm not compromising - this is a fine device both relatively and absolutely!

    One caution re: the screen/stylus - You are not supposed to bear down on your PDA screen. A light touch is all that is necessary. Buy a Visor and enjoy!
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    I had problems with my order. I placed it 11/12/99. Around the first of December I recieved an e-mail confirmation from someone else's order. I called Handspring and e-mail Donna. Both the CS rep and Donna were wonderful to work with. Both assured me that my order was not affected. It turns out it was, I called CS and e-mailed again. It is obvious the CS doesn't have the tools neccessary to support users, but I recieved satisfactory service. My Visor is here now and it is a wonderful product. Don't tell my colleagues I said this but it blows way the Palm IIIx's in the office.

    Handspring continues to have problems with their fulfillment infrustructure, but they are working through these issues. Go ahead and order from them. You won't be dissappointed with the product.
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    I agree with Beast625, I order my visor on 11/19/99 and received on 12/17/99, which is exatcly 4 weeks as they said on the website. Visro was the first PDA I ever had. After I been using for few days, I'm very happy with the product, i didn't have any problems or cracked case, messed up screen!
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    I ordered mine on 12-2 recvd today 12-21. I say this not to rub it in the face of those of you who are still waiting on your vdx's. But rather to give you hope that HS does seem to be on track to filling all of it's orders. I recvd both my vdx and serial cradle fed ex. Now here is the stupid thing I did-- I put off ordering my RhinoSkin ShockSuit and WriteRights until last night... I figured that there was no rush!

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    Ok, since we're singing HS's praises, I'll report that I ordered my GVD on Oct. 18 and received it exactly 4 weeks later on Nov 18. No muss no fuss. The device has worked flawlessly and I have 50% of my ram left after loading and unloading apps to my hearts content for a month. I love it!
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    I am also very pleased with my purchase despite concerns I had formulated after reading some messages. In addition to being satisfied with the visor itself, I ordered it on the 8th of Dec. and revieved it in time for Christmas!! What a great present for myself!!
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    ordered BVD on 11/30, received 12/21.
    no problem at all.

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    Ordered mine Oct 9 and did not get it till Dec 20.... BUT, I think the order dept is finally coming together, and I would go through it again even now, because the device is great!!

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