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    What courier does HS use for ground shipments USPS or UPS or other?
    I am waiting for my ODX and would like to know who to expect a knock on my door from.
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    In my case they are using UPS. I would think this would hold true for most of their ground shippments. I hope this helps.
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    I believe their "standard ground" shipping is UPS, but virtually ALL shipments for the last month+ have been shipped FedEx NextDay, regardless of the requested (and paid for) shipping.

    If you live in Canada it will probably come USPS Priority Mail, Otherwise It's likely to be FedEx.

    If you want to see the specifics, check out the "Visor Received Log" - check out the postings on the last several pages.

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    Well it looks like they are starting to use ground now. I ordered a backup module via the web page and I ordered it express, my CC was charged for the full amount including overnight shipping, but after waiting a few days from my cc charge date I called and it was shipped ground .
    Also it was shipped using whe wrong name, They told me the package had the correct address but it had some ladies name on it.
    Figure this one out, it looks as if they still have some bugs to work out. I admit they are better, but not up too full steam.
    The sad part is I live on the other coast and ups ground service from coast to coast is lousy, it will be a good 6 business days not counting the holiday and weekend all togeather this will be 9 days, and thats if I get it due to the wrong name on the package.

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