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    Does anyone know what is the final cost of a Visor and Visor Deluxe for orders in Canada after Tax and Shipping?

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    Check the Canadian thread.
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    FYI, I was charged $385CAD for a VDx including shipping, and $52CAD for taxes.
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    I was charged roughly $420 CAD for the Visor Deluxe and serial cradle and shipping. FEDEX charge for GST/PST was around $60 CAD.
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    Here in New Brunswick, I was charged $25.83 in GST. No HST. The declared value of my VDX was $249US, or $369.02CDN, so total cost to me was $394.85.

    For comparison's sake, the cost of a Palm IIIe bought at my local Radio Shack would be $279.99 + HST = $321.99, a difference of $72.86.
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    OK, here ya go.

    ~$389 + $55, so < $445 plus lots of aggravation.

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