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    What the heck is that?

    I was charged US$37.35 Hst tax, which works out to 15%. That's exactly what PST & GST should be, so does that mean I was charged that up front? If so, I've been overcharged, because my FedEx package came COD for PST & GST and they charged me another CAD$54.84.

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    Hmmm... strange. Although the 15% Hst tax shows up on my invoice, the hold amount on my credit card is less than what the invoice says, by that Hst amount. I guess somebody caught it before it was shipped out, but it just goes to prove that their system is still quite wonky.
    Interesting, they did charge me for the extra tax - in the original hold they didn't.

    I wonder how long it will take to resolve this one now...

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