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    wohoo!!! ordered my Vdx on Dex 13th and was expecting it sometime in January... but low and behold!! came in today ...Christmas Eve!! wohooo... best Christmas present ever .. for myself....

    Hats off to Handspring .. GOOD JOB!!!

    A proud Handspring Visor Deluxe owner...

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    Me TOO!! Talk about a great xmas present!!

  3. #3 of 9:30 this morning.

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    Guess our wish for getting my Visor our Visor Central's Christmas Poll DID come true...!!! Good Job VC!

    Thanks SANTA!!

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    seems like those having problems were the first to order back in Sept/Oct...looks like Handspring has worked out the bugs and are now shipping away...if they could just get those early orders sorted out...

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    Bah Humbug

    (ordered November 9th still not recieved)

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    Not me. Ordered Nov 18th!!! I'm now at week 5. They had better get it to me this week to make that stupid 6 week deadline.

    I suppose I should have sat on the fence longer instead of being excited and sure of my decision to get a Visor instead of a Palm...then I might have received it by now.

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    Whatta surprise! Parents hid it since thursday! Merry Christmas!
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    Mine showed up on 12/20 (ordered 11/29)and my wife didn't tell me and didn't give it to me until Christmas morning! Been playing with it constantly since I opened the box. First real PDA. I'm psyched!!

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    Ordered on 11/01, still no Visor. Called numerous times, never got a straight answer from their customer reps. Just email the CEO yesterday to complain. I didn't want to do this previously, but finally run out of any other options.

    I just really fed up with these people.
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    YEAH!!!!!!! I ordered my 'blue' Visor Deluxe on Dec. 9; it arrived Friday Dec. 24; that is 15 days. Way to go Handspring. Great Christmas present, have already moved everything from my Palm IIIx to my Visor Deluxe,
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    Yes, I got mine, too (ordered 12/13, arrived 12/23).

    But - I also got an e-mail on the 21st suggesting that there was a problem with my order (it had no order id info or anything). I called them up and the person on the phone was confused - there was no problem. On the 22nd I got another e-mail (sent to me and others) saying the previous e-mail was a mistake.

    Look, I think that Handspring is doing a pretty decent job of fixing their fulfillment process. They sowed a wind and reaped a whirlwind.

    I love my visor.
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    You all suck. 11/22 and still nothing. what is with this 2 week crap when they haven't filled the 5 week orders?

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    I got mine for Christmas, too. My wife said she ordered on 11/15, online, and it arrived on 12/13. The serial cradle arrived in the same box.

    To comment regarding some of the problems I've seen posted: The screen is straight, the unit feels sturdy (more so than my wife's Palm IIIx), the stylus is fine with no dangling plastic pieces to scratch the screen, the cd is readable, and the USB synching is wicked fast!

    I like it! I'm glad I went with the Visor over the Palm.
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    Mine came in 23 days!!

    I ordered mine via online on Dec. 6, hoping that I can start my next semester with my first PDA... I thought it's not going to happen,but what a pleasant surprise! It's like (belated) Christmas present. :-)

    I actually had a problem with my credit card, so it's actually delayed for about a week, so the result could have been even better!

    My Orange Visor DX looks so cool! I was hoping that it wouldn't look like yellow as shown on HS site, but it's very nice dark orange, as I expected. I think this 2 tone color makes it look less "toy-like" and I absolutely love it. If you're wondering if you should go for Orange or something more conservative, I'd say "go for it."

    I also discover something on optional stylus, but I'll talk about it on more appropriate thread. :-)

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