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    I've been reading these boards for two months now, and if I'd had the experiences that some of you have had, I'd be fuming too. There are indications, though, that whatever problems HandSpring had "out of the box" they're taking a HUMAN approach to trying to deal with the fall-out. In my case that human approach is named Barbara Grossman.

    I've posted my ordering experience elsewhere, but I just wanted to highlight the dealings I had with this individual. I have no idea how many emails she much receive in a day, but within 24 hours of my having sent one, she responded. I was working on my computer so I got it immediately and responded immediately. We then had an email conversation that quickly addressed the issue of the missing order, renewed the order process and got a Visor on its way to me. She didn't promise "magic fixes" and she didn't shower me with "goodies" to make me feel patronized. She simply apologized for their problems and then took the initiative to make it right.

    I know that a very small percentage of their customers will have pursued the issue this far and I'm sure there are "business types" out there who can come up with a better model for how HandSpring should be addressing the residual shipping problems that still exist. Still, I'm impressed that HandSpring has so positioned themselves that Barbara is available and has the authority and initiative to "set right" what has gone wrong.

    Perhaps I'm just too used to the "hunker down and take it" attitude that most companies seem to have with regard to problems. Perhaps some of you will feel that I've settled for "too little." I just wanted to highlight this person's good work and say that I'm satisfied.
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    Give them time. They'll shake out and start giving good delivery in time.

    Just for the fun (challenge, preference, desire, love of online?) of it, I ordered a printer from MacZone December 16 selecting UPS Ground and received it in time for Christmas (December 23). Yesterday, taking advantage of a home vacation, I placed orders with MacConnection, MacMall and MacWarehouse for software updates and accessories. Every order, even the UPS 2nd day air, arrived this morning before 10:00 AM. Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus and online ordering can work.
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    Oh, sure it can work. Any little operation like can set up a web ordering system and process orders reliably. Handspring, however, is incapable of doing so.

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