For great service, sometimes you need to go to the top. I finally e-mailed Donna after waiting almost 12 weeks for a Canadian order. She quickly assigned someone to deal with my case. This person called me, bypassed the ordinary delivery process and FedExed my order to me Friday and I recieved it in Vancouver Monday and got my serial cradle for free.

That was great, but, after about 20 minutes my screen stopped responding and after several restet attempts and partial recoveries it gave up. I phoned tech support and after a half hour wait they told me I would need a replacement. They transfered me over to customer service and after an additional 2 and a half hours on hold I gave up. I then called their head office. I explained the situation to receptionist who gave me the voice mail of the woman I was dealing with before. Later that afternoon I was called by an apologetic Handspring staffer that told me she would FedEx me a replacement that day with a return waybill for the faulty GVD.

I don't know why they can't get their act together at the lower levels, but at the top Handspring is doing everything right.