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    anyone have any records out their for the longest/shortest time from the day you ordered till the time you recived the visor>
    I use this topic to raise my self esteem and hope it will get here soon then 6 weeks

    Greg Moore
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    10-1/2 weeks from 9/24to 12/6.
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    I ordered my Graphite Visor Deluxe online on Oct 28 and recieved it on Nov 26. 4 Weeks to the day. Not too shabby.
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    I hold the longest wait record that I have heard about:

    Ordered: Sept 17th.
    Received: Dec 8th.

    Elapsed time: 11 weeks, 5 days!

    Anyone able to top that?
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    Can't beat the longest wait time yet, but ...

    Ordered: October 4, 1999 (who knows? recording the year may become important!)
    Received: Not yet. Almost 10 weeks now.

    After half a dozen calls to CS, e-mails to HS, I'm adopting a new strategy. I've given up trying to get it more quickly. Now I'm going for the gold and just want to be the record holder.
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    mfbtm, you are on for the race to wait the longest!

    Ordered: 9/29
    Received: Not Yet

    I've given up counting. I have no choice but to wait until they are either available more cheaply retail, or until Handspring chooses to keep its word to e-mail or call me to fix my order and ship it.

    Sorry 3COM Palm users, low price for the 8MB memory and on-board expansion possibilities makes it worth waiting for - STILL.

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    Check out this topic for current records and other info.

    And -- Don't forget to add yourself when your Visor finally arrives.

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    Update - Just passed the 11 week marker.

    One more week and I'll break the current 82 day wait record in the link above!

    Season's Greetings everyone!
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    12 weeks to the day, and still waiting. Calling weekly. E-mail internal to Handspring has no results. Still waiting.

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    Ordered on October was with such wild anticipation that I looked forward to being the first kid on my block to possess a Visor.

    Still waiting - nine weeks, two days. Email from "Donna" said she'd try to get me some answers...

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    Well, I give up. I've called many times since the "you will get an e-mail if you're order is a problem" story came out 2.5 weeks ago. No e-mail. No help from CSR's, including one who promised to call me back. They can read me all the correct order information, but nothing is happening. With the shorter order times being reported, I ordered again on the web site, and told CSR today to cancel original order. Maybe that will get the original order shipped out now?

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    I'm not trying to gloat, but I believe my Visor Deluxe only took ~3 weeks to get here. I ordered it sometime during the first week of October. I got it on Oct. 26th. A total surprise - I figured it wouldn't get to me until the middle of November.

    HOWEVER, the goodwill Handspring generated by delivering so quickly has completely vaporized. I got a letter stating that I might have received two units, instead of one. Then, I made the mistake of ordering a belt clip case. Two weeks later, I found an excellent leather belt case at Best Buy, so I tried canceling the order. I e-mailed and called with no luck. Last week, around 5-6 weeks after I ordered it, the belt case arrived. I've now spent close to 60 minutes on hold, trying to get a return authorization number. I may be stuck with the damn thing.
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    Well I ordered mine on November 28th and received it at my home address December 20th. After reading many of the posts here at VC I was very skeptical about getting mine on time. I know, I know, Im a lucky ******* I got my Blue Visor Deluxe in less than 4 weeks !!!! And I'm loving every minute of it. Im very excited about the AdvantGo program, what a wonderful program to have on your Visor or for that matter any Palm device. For all those waiting on their Visor I hope you get them before Christmas, so that you all can enjoy your holidays with your new Visor. Happy Holidays all

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    Donna came through for me - got it today. See my Visor Received Log posting. Good luck y'all.
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    ... and now we're at 12 weeks and still waiting!

    While this officially gets me past the 82 days posted in the Visor Received Log, I don't think it's good enough for the overall record.

    There are other posts in the Shipping Category that indicate even longer wait times. In some cases, 90 days or more. Yikes!

    If you're one of the unfortunates to have stuck it out that long, make sure that you update the Visor Received Log so that you can claim the record.

    BTW - Is there some kind of prize for waiting the longest? Personal apology from Donna & Jeff? How about the ability to act as CS for shipments going to Handspring employees who have ordered a Visor? From what I've seen, I have as much info about shipment status as the real CS reps do! : )
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    I wonder what the Canadian record is now. Must also be 11-12 weeks by now, too (not me).

    Eug's Homepage
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    Actually, I got a notice to pick up my Visor (dated Dec 24). I ordered towards the end of Sept (middle of the last week) which puts me at roughly 4 freaking months... 16 weeks, give or take one.

    I'm not really hopeful that I'm going to get any freebies like some others (why should I? Handspring has disappointed me so far with its cust. serv) but I'd rather have an acknowledgement from HS that they realize exactly *how* long they have had to make a lot of us wait. They can show it with an e-mail for all I care. As long as it shows that they're listening.
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    If yours is a Deluxe, you will get a free case. If a 2M Visor, :-(

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