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    Finally received my custom case today. Came 3 day FedEx. Overall, very happy with construction and usability. Best of all, it came with a letter appologizing for the delay, blah blah blah, and stating as a token of our appreciation, please accept the case with their compliments! Hope my modem comes the same way?!?
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    Did you have to complain alot to customer service first? I had to wait over 10 weeks for my IVx and it arrived finally but with no apologies or freebies.
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    No, I had given up on getting it this year. Just came that way. A pleasant surprise.
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    I complained about my Visor. When I e-mailed Donna about the case (several weeks after getting the visor) She indicated that all of the Custom cases were going to be free and that some had shipped already. I recieved mine today. At no charge.
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    I ordered a visor already and have been sitting here waiting patiently like a nice perfect consumer.

    Should I be complaining to get a free case, or do I have to order one like I was going to pay for it before they will give it to me?

    Just tell me what I have to do to get my free kit, and I'll do it.

    Why have some people recieved a free case and stylus 5 pack, while others just got a free case?

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    Now if you follow the "buy it" link on HS web page, you will find that the Visor Deluxe comes with a free carrying case. No free 5-pack stylus, though.

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