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    I was sent, today, via 2 day Fed Ex a free custom case with an apology letter. Great though however I had already paid for a custom case (identical) and received it back on Dec. 13th.

    I applaued the offer and think it's a great marketing ploy and attempt to repair damage done however what will I do with two identical cases? Somebody wasn't thinking very well be sending out an item that I already had.

    And now to add insult to injury, I received a Palm Vx and I have made a decision to keep it rather than the two Visors that I have. Yes, two.....I got back the very first one I had received which crashed and burned in early November apparently does function.

    Anybody want to buy two graphite Visor's cheap with two custom cases with my initials? Send me an email if you want. I'll part with the Visor's for a resonable price. One's in the box and the other is not but everything is there.

    Moose Man

    I posted this specific thread at the sell/exchange area.

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    The two Visors have been committed therefore please no more inquirys regarding these units or the cases.


    Moose Man

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    I e-mailed Donna about my missing custom case and she promised me that they were shipping them out free. I still have not seen it though.
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    Mine finally came today. 2 days shy of 11 weeks!

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