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    Handspring is starting to improve!
    2 weeks ago I ordered my BVD over the web and ordered express shipping. Well, today, 2 weeks from my order, I recieved my visor from FedEx, with no defects. I am VERRY happy.
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    crub, i ordered with standard shipping =P

    wonder if it makes a huge difference...
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    dont worry. i ordered mine with standard and it took about 2 and a half weeks. its awesome
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    So do you think that they are shipping faster ingeneral or that the fact that you ordered express shipping got you higher on the pick list? If so, maybe I should cancel my order and reoprder with express shipping.

    I am still being told 4 to six weeks, two weeks after I ordered mine. Sigh

    My Birthday is in March, maybe it will be a birthday gift to myself instead of a Christmas gift.


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    Even though it took 2 weeks, it still said 4-6 on my confirmation/order.
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    Enjoy! I'm at 7 weeks, two hours of hold time with CS (pointless, BTW, they could only say that they haven't heard from shipping in a week)and still nothing! Any ideas why some get their order in 2-3 weeks and others are still waiting after more than twice the time?
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    I ordered mine with regular shipping also, and it took two weeks and a day. I ordered a BVD and it is fantastic! I think they must really be trying to get things straightened out.
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    CompuPika and Sari,

    In which state do you both live? and where were you VDx's shipped from?

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    I am in Texas and it shipped from California. I also got the five pack styli and the serial port delivered on the same day as my visor. I am thrilled, to say the least! Very pleased with it all.

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    Ackk! I mean the serial cradle, not the port.

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