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    I ordered a Visor September 22 and still haven't received it. Is anyone else in this bad a situation? Every time I call customer service they tell me it will come in 7 to 10 days but it never does. They refuse to let me talk to a supervisor.
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    I share your same frustration, although my Visors were ordered on Oct 8th. I had called many times along with emails without success. But then they finally routed me to another number (I don't have it on me at this moment) where I found out they did not have my correct billing information. So I corrected the billing information and still no Visors or charge to my CC. That was about two weeks ago. I really don't know what to do to get help. And Christmas is already here (I was hoping to get them before so that I could give it to my wife as her gift). If you should find out any information for help, please let me know.

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    I hate to suggest the obvious, but why don't you guys just cancel & re-order? I'd assume that the original orders are lost somewhere.

    New orders are shipping in <3 weeks. Do you really think your original order will be filled that quickly?

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    That may be an option for the US, but not for the Canadians caught in the same black hole.

    I asked the same question. Their answer is that they can't do that because they've stopped taking new orders to Canada. That was also their reason they said I couldn't switch my order for a blue VDx (which is backordered) to an ice.

    I feel like I'm dealing with the government.
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    Eastline, my billing information was wrong too but I corrected it on December 4--and still no visor. I did find out if you e-mail Donna Dubinsky at she may give you some assistance, but I did that yesterday and got an auto-response that she's out of the office until after January 1.
    And Axeman, thanks for the suggestion, but I'm afraid that as soon as I order they'll announce the delivery time has gone back up to six weeks or whatever, and then I'd be at the bottom of the list again. I'm also afraid I'll end up with two and be charged for two, and with all their customer service problems it may be impossible to get that corrected. However, I'm considering your idea. Has anyone else done this who could share their experience?

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    It's funny you should mention to cancel and reorder, because that's what one of the CSR's recommended during one of the times that I called. But then when I called another number (I'm not sure which one, there's been at least three different numbers that I've called), this CSR told me not to reorder but to get my billing information straightened out, because I'd receive my order much sooner. Honestly, I've come to the point where I'm totally lost on what to do. It all seems like a whole load of crock to me at this point. But I still want my Visor. I may actually reorder. I can always return the extra ones in the case they do come. Any suggestions?


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    Eug: Sorry. I didn't realize that any Canadian orders were involved. In that case, yeah, your options are limited. Got any American friends who could order for you, maybe? Talking to the govt? Hey, I *work* for the govt!

    Ileonard: Look at it this way: maybe you'll end up with two but only be charged for one.

    Eastline: Suggestions? Yeah, cancel & re-order. Nothing the CSR's have said has been turned out to be true, so why should you believe them now?

    Good luck, everyone! (I would say that the wait is worth it, but I only waited 41 days for mine and can't imagine a 90+ day wait.)

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