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    Living in Canada, I ordered a VDX exactly two weeks ago (on December 7th) and had it sent to Mailboxes Etc. in NY so that I could make the 1 hour drive to pick it up.

    I just got a call from them stating that a package has arrived from Handspring! :-)

    Being skeptical, and hearing that Handspring has shipped the serial adapter ahead of the Visor, I wonder if it is only the serial adapter that has arrived. The fellow could not tell me what it was, but did say that the box measured 12x10x8.

    Could someone please tell me if this is in fact my Visor, and whether or not the serial adapter would be included in the same box?!?


    ../mk - possible holder of the shipping record! :-)
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    It sounds too big for the cradle alone. It sounds like it might be larger than the box I recieved with just the Visor in it. My gut tells me it is the Visor sans serial cradle though.

    Let us know what it is.
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    My VDX was shipped in a box that measures 12x9x4.5 (inches).

    I think I would have MailBoxes open it for you before you drive the 1 hour trip each way. Handspring shipped my 5 pack of styli in a large FedEx box (12x11x2) filled with styrofoam packaging peanuts, I almost lost the styli in the garbage when I emptied it out to find them.

    Good luck.

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    Thanks guys. I would've thought that Handspring would ship them in standard box sizes (one for Visors only, one for cradles only, one for Visor and cradle). From what you two have told me, it looks like I'll at least have my Visor.

    I'll post to the log thread once I confirm that it is in fact the Visor, but for those interested, I ordered a Graphite Visor Deluxe with serial cradle over the web.

    I'm going to try and zip over there tomorrow afternoon, that is, if the US lets me in with all this recent hoopla!

    BTW - I also bought a Targus case for it - very nice quality! (

  5. mk
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    Confirmed! I picked up my GVD w. serial cradle today!

    Wohoo! New record. 14 days exactly!

    ../mk - Off to post in received log.
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    I received my vdx in 12 days. Ordered 12/10, received yesterday (12/22).

    I believe that is a record?
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    Yup. I live in southern, ca , and got my graphite visor and cradles (yup, usb and the serial) sent to me on EXACTLY 2 weeks! very nice suprise. Glad others are having similar experiences too!
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    Sorry guys, the record to beat is an unbelievable 9 days. Check out page 1 of the "Visor Received Log" for details on this and other "records".

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    I wonder if that's a typo?!? I haven't read through all the logs, but I didn't see too many people prior to December that got it within a month!

    I'm just glad to see that Handspring got their problems solved. I've only had it for a day, but am already very impressed with it.

    Being a WinCE convert (Velo), I can now say that this is a fantastic PDA and it is worth the wait (not that I waited long at all) and the money.

    Now if I'd have USB support AND a version of the Palm software for Linux, I'd be one very happy camper!

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    I thought it was a typo too, but he posted his joy about such a quick delivery in several places.

    Just lucky I guess.

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    Even more amazing tvt on one of the other threads got his in 4 days!!! He says they ordered on Monday and received it today. It would be nice if HS is finally getting it together. It makes me hopeful, I ordered mine only a week or so ago, and wasn't expecting it before February.

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