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    Ordering the Visor was an easy enough decision. Once I had ordered, I began reading the issues with delivery and customer service. Maybe I am reporting a positive trend, I received my new Visor Deluxe today after waiting only 16 days. I ordered on Dec 5th.

    Anyway, after playing with it for a couple of hours, I think it is great.

    Good Luck to all who are still waiting for their unit.

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    wowy! 2 weeks! Is that a record for first ordered without calling CS!?

    hopefully this will be continue with other customers!
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    Yes - I did not call customer service. I was very surprised. I was more than willing to wait until the second/third week of the new year (assuming the world does not come to and end - Y2K).

    Anyway, I hope everyone has the "luck" I experienced!

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    Oh sure. Go ahead and tease me. I told myself when I ordered my BVD (12-8) that I just wouldn't expect to see it before the end of January. But now you are taunting me with the possibility of an earlier delivery!
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    And just when I thought I had prepared myself to wait until mid-January before even *thinking* about expecting my VDx (ordered 12/10)! Thanks a lot! :-)
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    Registering for this forum and posting my first message (see above) must have brought me good luck today! I just received my VDX, in *12* days!
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    Aaaargh! I ordered my blue Visor on 11/17 and it still hasn't come. You people make me crazy! (So does my husband, whose graphite Visor ordered 11/17 came last Thursday!).

    Still waiting.......
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    I'm with Sheryl...ordered on 18th...nothing!

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    My Blue Visor Deluxe & serial cradle were ordered on 12/3, arrived yesterday. I'm thrilled with Handspring's performance so far--great product, timely delivery (when I had been prepared to wait until mid-Jan.).
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    I wish I knew what criteria HS uses to ship. I read of people receiving their BVD after ordering it the first of this month - I ordered mine on November 6 and still NADA. Any suggestions - I tried CS but after a half hour on hold I had to leave.
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    just got mine yesterday. 19 days... Oder it on 12/2... GVD. best to all..
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    another satisfied cust - ordered 12/7, received 12/21. nicely 2 weeks.

    i'm in southern CA. where is everyone else located whom got their Visor early? think it could be location, or are they just filling orders better now? I ordered the graphite, maybe that's it also....

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    A bit of Christmas magic here also. I ordered my BVD online Dec 8. It arrived today, Dec. 23. I live in south Texas. I couldn't be any happier with my experience, though I really feel for the people that have had to battle to get theirs. Best of luck to everyone still waiting!
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    I ordered mine on 12/10/99 and received it on 12/23/99... They are picking up the pace.. Great Job.....
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    when you ordered online did they send you an E-mail saying they shipped it. I thought they said they would send you an E-mail saying that it was in the mail. I got the confirmation E-mail but are there any others?

    Greg Moore
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    I ordered my Graphite VDx on 12/8 and got it today (12/22). 14 days. I wasn't expecting it until mid-January. This is a great surprise, and just in time for Christmas!

    Maybe Handspring is shaping up with their deliveries?

    Seasons Greetings to all.

    Kevin Mitchell

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    I ordered my VDX on 12/4/99 and recieved it 12/21/99, 16 days. Not bad HS.

    I ordered the graphite over the phone around 8 pm. They shipped it to Boston, MA. Very pleased with my experience so far as well. Great PDA. I too was prepared to wait until after the New Year.

    Best wishes to all those still waiting.
    Happy Holidays
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    My friend ordered their BVD on the 14th of December, and I ordered my GVD (With Serial Cradle)on the 13th of December. He just got his today.... I am a little frustrated with this, as I am sure some other people are too... We both live in South Lake Tahoe, California. Is there any way to see if my order has even been shipped yet?

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    Regarding checking your order status - don't bother with CS. They know nothing. After 2 hours of hold time, I was told that they hadn't gotten a report from shipping in a week. Couldn't tell me if my unit was shipped, or when it might be, but did tell me that they were shipping within their 4-6 week window. Reassuring to a guy who ordered his on Nov. 6.

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