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    I consider myself a patient guy, but...

    I'm starting to get a little frustrated by Handspring's supposedly FIFO order system.

    If I haven't been reading this board, I wouldn't be posting this. I placed my order online on November 24th (BVXD with Backup). I realize this order is just 4 weeks and one day old, however, now I see others getting their Visors for orders placed two and three weeks after mine... what's up with that?

    Has anyone effectively contacted Handspring (CS or Management) to expedite an order?

    I'd be satisfied with an explanation as to why they are not following or using the normal FIFO ordering system mechanisms that almost every other company in the world uses (excluding special cases and personal relationships, of course).

    Anyone? Bueller?
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    I went to the HS web site (Contact Page) and called both Customer Service AND Corporate Main phone numbers. I left messages for a number of people and finally (2-3 days) got both email and phone calls back. I had ordered 10/5 and finally got it 12/13. My barrage of phone calls and emails went into full swing on 12/6-7. After I got away from their 45 minute hold times on the 888 number, I got results. Good luck.
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    Yeah, I'm trying the same route. Customer Service in Canada is pretty much useless, except for verifying your order information.

    They have no connection to the warehouse whatsoever.

    I tried to see if there were some colors shipping faster than other colors. Of course nobody would validate this theory.

    So, I wait, in state, for my Blue Deluxe with Backup Module (which are both supposed to be shipping fine).

    I did get a comment like "The warehouse picks the orders that are the easiest to fill for that given day"... hmmmm I wonder if a certain warehouse manager gets thirsty 'round Christmas time.

    I guess this is my next quest. Finding our where the warehouse is. Anyone have anything?

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    The 888 number is in Canada, also for that Bloor St. order centre.

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