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    A week before Thanksgiving I called Handspring to check on my order and was told that I would likely have it in the next week. I asked if my order was clean and was told everything was in fine and there were no problems that would hold me up. I called a week after Thanksgiving after not receiving the unit and was told that since I ordered before October 20, there would be a delay. I asked how long and was told that it could be another week or two. I pressed, one week? two weeks? a month? The gentleman on the phone did not know.

    Is this unit really worth the wait? I like the concept of the Springboard modules, but as far as I know, none of the ones that I have an interest in are out. Maybe they will never come out... I hate my CE machine, loved my old Psion units and I hate the order department at Handspring.

    Can anyone give me some good reasons not to cancel my order and just get a Palm Pilot?
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    I'd sit tight and keep the order. All this time waiting will have gone for nothing if you zap your order now.

    I think it's well worth the wait. It's a great product. Why get the palm? Why not? Why get the visor? Why not?

    The visor seems to do virtually everything that the palm does. It has more memory, and the springboard seems to be the most thrilling feature.

    I know a gentleman who carries a cell, a pager, a notebook, etc.. Basically a bionic man searching himself for his next comunications device. That all seems kinda cumbersome. I'd rather use the modules on that one device too. They're pretty tiny and lightweight too.

    I'm just waiting on a "shaver" module!

    I will make my proposal to Handspring, some developers and maybe the popular personal electronics manufacturers.
    Chicks dig smooth skin.

    Hang in there. So will I.
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    I feel your pain.

    I ordered october 6 and am still waiting. I was even in contact with Ms Grossman. who said I should have it by 11/19. I'm still waiting:-(

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    Just so you all know I still do not have my unit. I am not happy. Last week I was told that I would have it in 5 days or less. Today I received Email which indicated that there were problems with my order. I call waited 22 min. on the phone only to be told that there were no problems with my order. They also mentioned that it might be another two weeks. This is BS. Someone should be put on the rack!!!
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    I got my visor on the 9th. And I love it. I ordered on Oct 6th.

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    Well guys I got my Visor Deluxe on Friday of this past week. It really is a great machine and I am glad that I waited.

    It did not just come by way of FedEx. To get the unit I had to Fax the CEO of Handspring. I did this after finding out from customer support that the unit had not been shipped and was not scheduled to ship for another two weeks. That would have put me at a 10 week wait. I do not even want to tell you how long I spent on the telephone to get that good news!

    So rather than wait I wrote to Ms. Dabinsky. She sprang, pun intended, into action and solved all of my problems. I can not thank her and her staff enough for solving the problems. In fact she was able to get my unit the next day after contacting her.

    I have had subsequent contact with others who I assume are part of Handspring management. They have not only been very nice to deal with, but have done everything in their power to help me feel better about Handspring.

    I have been so impressed that I ordered a unit for my wife.

    I am a much happier guy! Good luck and Merry Christmas to everyone!

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    Welcome to the family.


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