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    I couldn't believe it. I actually received a call today from Handspring's customer service dept. They wanted to confirm my address and credit card info for my order(which I placed over the phone on October 13th). The credit card info on their records was wrong, but after I gave them the correct information, they assured me that my order would be re-processed within 48 hours and be shipped within a week. We'll see about that!
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    I actually was emailed by them because of my "problem order", so I called back. In my case, all my information was correct, but... See the Canadian thread for details.
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    oops stupid double click

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    Wowwee! It's a trend!
    I just got a call from Handspring's customer service department!
    It turned out that they had the wrong credit card info, but everything else was correct.
    I did make sure that my name was the same as the credit card name.
    Like they told Foo Fighter, re-process in 48 hours, and shipped in 5 days. We will see.

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    Our credit card expired in November. HS called us Wednesday and we got our BVD today (Dec 10)!!
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    I just got home and found a "we're sorry we missed you!" delivery notice from FedEx. They won't be returning until Monday, but the tracking# on the notice indicated the package originated from Union City California. I smell Visors'!!!
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    Glad they've gotten around to calling someone. I've spent probably 20+ hours on the phone with HS cust svc. I called them not them calling me and remember of that 20+ hours at least 15 of that is waiting on hold.

    I've had them verify my info several times, i've talked to supervisors, i've talkd to accounting. According to them it should have shipped several weeks ago since there was never anything wrong with my order.

    I placed the order Oct 6 via the web, that puts me over 8 weeks now and they keep telling me it will be at my door any day now.

    "Just wait a couple days and call back if it is not there" or so I am being told time and again. Has anyone else had these annoying problems with them just saying bear with us it will be there in a couple days?

    All i can say is for the money i spent it should have been here in the time that was estimated or at least somewhat close. I even paid for next day Air, hhm i see no VDx at my door.

    Disgruntled I am.
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    PDragon, keep the faith, baby.

    I too had ordered on the 6th of October. And I got my call Dec 10th.

    What's more, when I had to call them back for my second order, I was only on hold for a minute and a half!

    Hopefully your luck will change soon as well.
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    When ordering, does one's name have to be the same as the name on the credit card??? If so, how could anyone order a gift for someone else, or use their spouse's credit card to order????

    I'm concerned my order will be held up because my "ship to" name differs from my credit card name. See Winchel's post below:

    On 12/10/99 in this thread, Winchell got a call from HS cust service about an order error:

    "It turned out that they had the wrong credit card info, but everything else was correct.

    I did make sure that my name was the same as the credit card name."

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    Oh Frajoulous Day! It arrived!!
    I was starting to lose hope. CSR told me to expect it in 3 to 5 business days. When I came home on day 5, it wasn't there, so I was bummed. So I took my wife out to dinner about 6:00pm.
    When I came home, my mother in law handed me my Visor box and said that FedEx came by while I was out!

    (I didn't know that FedEx would deliver after 6:00!!)

    Handspring seems to be back on track.

    And my Green Visor Delux is too cool for words!
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    I just got a vall from their cs dep. five weeks ago they have a problem with my order and if I still wanted my order they might me able to get it to me in the third week of January. I cannot believe this ... and all I wanted was a frickin 5-pack of dlx stili and a usb laptop cable ... Throw me a fricken bone here ... I told them I would re-order when they have some form of customer service.

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