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    Does anyone have an idea what the correlation is between Handspring charging your credit card and actually getting a Visor?
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    My situation was that I had an authorization on 12/5 and my Visor arrived 12/15. The authorization wasn't actually a hit to the card - more like a hold I think. I haven't checked to see when it officially hit the card.

    The authorization is different from an actual charge since when I called and did the electronic route to check activitity it stated I had a charge for X $s on such-and-such date and an authorization on 12/5 for such-and-such $.
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    My card was authorized, oh I cant remember the date but I received by VDX the next day and the same held true for my second order. Authorized one day and received the next day.
    The only reason I knew it was my visors were because the amount was for 260.50.
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    My card was charged on 12/18. This morning (12/22) I called CS and they told me since they had no tracking # assigned for the order it must not have shipped yet. Well about an hour later FedEx showed up with my order complete with BVD, premium case, and stylii.

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