Back when I was still supportive of Handspring (specifically, on Halloween day), I sent an e-mail to Handspring via their web-site to request info on their custom cases. I had just received my soon-to-be broken Ice Visor and asked how long it would be before they started shipping the custom cases. Well, I got my reply -- yesterday.

After seven weeks and still without credit for my returned unit, they decided to reply to my question by sending me a two-line automatically-filled response telling me that I could order a case via their web-site. Absolute genius. Waiting seven weeks to answer a legitimate question about order fulfillment and their products makes sense -- I guess they figured I'd forget the question and immediately rush to their site to buy more of their stuff. Mebbe I ought to buy a hat or a t-shirt. Too bad they don't make cars and other big-ticket items. I'd love to pay to promote Handspring.

Q: When will you guys start shipping cases?
A: (Seven weeks later) "You can order cases by our web-site. If you have questions, call our toll free number at (888) WE-DON-TNO. Thank you for patronizing our awful, poorly-organized company. Remember, we're a start-up so it's your fault if you expect anything from us before May, 2000. Thank you again for being so stupid."