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    I'm a happy Palm III user at the moment, but after having seen the Visor Deluxe I just got to have it. There is one small problem though, I live in Europe. Does anyone have a clue how to order a Visor Deluxe overhere????
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    Well, there are two ways:

    1. Have a friend/relative in the US buy it and ship it to you.

    2. Wait until Handspring starts accepting orders from Europe.

    Sorry, but other than that, you're out of luck.
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    Third way:

    buy one on Ebay for $300+ from someone who is willing to ship to Europe.
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    What the heck, John? Send it to me, and I'll ship it to you.

    I'll bet lots of people here would do the same thing.

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    The problem is that they want billing address (from credit card application) to be also in US
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    I am also more than willing to help someone out of the US to get a Visor. E-mail me to discuss options.

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    i'm not too sure abt the billing addy part...though i'm inclined towards it.
    coz someone with UK billing addy got his!
    however, mine's still a problem,
    my billing addy is in Singapore,
    i ordered on 13 oct and i still haven't received anything
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    Based on my own experience: give the billing address the same as the shipping address. nobody asks questions. I and a colleague of mine both paid with German Mastercards drawn and billed to addresses/banks in Germany (logical!). Both Visors were shipped to Delaware with no problem, and (too bad) credit cards also billed, no problem.

    BTW, Toolkit, in another thread, lives in the Netherlands and was in the States for a while and had ordered a Visor to be sent to a friend's address there. However, he had to leave and the Visor still wasn't there. Upon mailing the Handspring CEO (DD?), he was able to strike up a relation with the Chief Account Manager and they sent his Visor DIRECTLY TO EUROPE. Too cool.

    Chalk one up for an understanding Handspring.
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    Great news (about bying with german mastercard)! I was worrying because I could not choose any european country from combobox on shipping address page. OK, so I'll put there just the same address as shipping.

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