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    I don't pretend to have any idea what the hell Handspring is doing but they just dinged my credit card for the Modem Module that I ordered during the brief time they were available online. I really doubt that means I'll be getting it this year. More than likely I will end up having to refute the charges and they will bill me again for the full amount every time I call them to do so.
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    My credit card got charged yesterday (12/14), too. However, my order was for the modem and the Flash Memory module. The card got charged for both items. It may be a partial order though.

    Was your order just for the modem?
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    Same kinda thing here. I ordered a modem, backup module and a serial cable but they charged me for the total order. Probably just another screw up.
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    Well, I almost got a modem, while it was available. Guess it's better to wait. I'm almost thinking the 6-pack will be available before theirs. Seeing what you are going through, I'm might just wait. Got my VDx though...
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    Just as I thought. Got today the Flash Module. The modem is on backorder. Interesting thing though, the combined charge for the modem and the module was dropped yesterday (12/20). So far no charge on my credit card for the module.

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